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10:16am 11/09/2004
  hey kailey and lexi. i joined the community! but i only want to ask for advice .. cuz ill defffff probably need it haha. but yes i just wanted to let you know. thanks!
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09:10am 11/09/2004
  Hey people..well, hey Katie and Lexi. Uh, if you guys need advice don't leave a comment on that first entry... click the userinfo thing on this page and when you get there click the "click here" thing so that you can join the community. Then go back to livejournal.com and make sure you are logged in. Then go to where you update an entry and go to "click here" where you can say what song ur listening to and stuff but instead go to where it says "journal to post in" and change it to "italianmafia411" and then write the entry or put your advice there . Okay, hopefully that made sense but if it didn't then you can reach me on IM at KAYLEE61291 I am on all the time.

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06:53pm 02/09/2004
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This is a community hosted by four best friends: Kailey, Lexi, Emma and Mel. We are the "Italian Mafia" because all of our last names are odd, italian, ones that NO ONE can pronounce. The purpose of this community is all about advice. We are bitchy, moody teenagers too and we know how it is, and even if you are old and decrepid and whatever your problem is, join this community and seek our advice. We are here 24/7...unless we are in school...and we will answer your questions or rants right away.


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